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Stress relief, detoxification, weight loss and mental clarity are all benefits of challenging yourself to do your best at YogaBox.

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We have a wide variety and volume of classes, with over forty world renowned and exclusive classes available at YogaBox every week. Read more…




Our stunning studios are designed for an easy unwind; complete with FAR infrared heat, ambient lighting and crystal clear acoustics.

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Weight Loss



Our hand-picked teachers have over 20,000 hours of experience to share with you, and are the pillars of our YogaBox community.

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Peta Hansford

Peta Hansford

” Just over a year ago I tried power yoga; I was hooked. Regular yoga classes have improved my health, fitness and well-being.It’s been great for getting rid of those ‘knots’ you get working at a desk and it gives me the opportunity to focus my mind.

I’ve now branched into a wider range of yoga classes and find that a session of yin yoga is an essential part of my week to really stretch everything deep within. Did I mention you meet some wonderful people along the way?”

Mary Ann & Dave

Mary-Ann & Dave

“ I walked into Steve’s yoga class 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I even managed to drag my other half along, reluctantly at first, and then he was hooked! He has never been one to stretch and now he’s amazed at the progress he has made. The man can touch his toes! He is now a yoga addict too.

It has really improved our outlook, health, body shape, strength and tone and we have also made some really great yogi friends.
Namaste. ”

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