Hot Yoga

FAR Infrared Heat – HOT Yoga

We’ve introduced a new kind of heat…

If you’ve ever heard of Hot Yoga, you would know that the room is heated to a certain temperature so that students can gain the most out of their class. Heating the room relaxes your muscles to aid flexibility and reduce the risk of injury as well as promoting detoxification through sweat. But did you know that not all heating methods are created equal?

FAR Infrared heating is the most advanced form of heating used in HOT Yoga Studios today.


It’s been scientifically proven to benefit those with physical injuries as it offers up thermal heat that is both safe and healthy. The heat is absorbed deep into your skin, activating major bodily functions and supercharging your cellular metabolism. FAR Infrared Heat is very different to the damaging ultraviolet light that we feel when we get sun burnt (even though the heat feels like natural heat), and FAR Infrared Heat won’t damage your skin.

Some benefits of FAR Infrared Heat include:

  • Detoxification through sweat
  • Metabolism boosting
  • Weight Loss
  • A boosted immune system

Did you know?

  • One hour of intense hot yoga can burn over 900 calories
  • FAR heat breaks down cellulite, trapped water, fat and waste.
  • HOT Yoga burns more calories than traditional yoga


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