Hip Hop Drop Dance Exercise

What is Hip Hop Drop?

Hip Hop Dance Workout ClassHip Hop Drop is an energetic, fun and rhythmic dance class, inspired by Hip Hop and street dance. Expect to move your body in ways you never imagined, as you learn a whole range of street style techniques, including popping, locking, gliding and krumping.

The class integrates elements of street jazz, break dance and lyrical hip hop to provide a mix which is creative and fun. The whole session is choreographed to a rhythmic and inspiring soundtrack which will get you moving to the beat.

Hop Hop dancing originated in the 1970s amongst dance crews in New York. It was initially performed on the street and in outdoor spaces. With its energy, rhythm and creativity, Hip Hop quickly gained mainstream popularity, boosted by the films and television programs it inspired. It was adopted by classically trained dancers and integrated into studio dance choreography to create new styles and techniques. Today, the Hip Hop Drop class combines elements of all these styles for an energetic and upbeat workout class.

The class begins with an warm up to mobilise the joints and get you in the mood for dancing. Then the instructor will demonstrate the moves, providing clear precise instructions, and options for all levels, whether you’ve danced before or not. Everyone from complete beginners to more experienced dancers will be encouraged to learn and enjoy the experimentation with movement together.

What are the benefits of Hip Hop Drop?

The constant movement and pace of Hip Hop Drop mean it is one of the best types of dance class for providing an intense cardiovascular workout. The whole class is aerobic in nature, which means you:

  • Increase your heart rate and circulation.
  • Boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  • Relieve stress.

Because the pace is sustained throughout the whole class, you’ll really build stamina as you keep your body moving. What’s more, you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice how hard you’re working. It’s a much more fun alternative to training in the gym

The moves will also help you to build strength, flexibility and coordination. As you learn the sequences, you will find yourself performing complex routines with ease. The different movements will challenge your body in completely new ways. Your muscles will strengthen to support you, and your proprioception and body awareness will significantly improve.

The fun and energy of Hip Hop Drop classes mean they are a great way to reduce stress. While you are absorbed in the complexity and focus of the routines, you can forget all your worries and allow yourself to just relax and have fun. What’s more, in Hip Hop Drop you are learning a whole new skill. This is great for your brain, and can really boost your self confidence. You’ll begin to discover your inner dancer, and enjoy the freedom and self expression of exploring a new kind of dance.

Expect to leave a Hip Hop Drop class feeling completely energised, uplifted and positive. It’s a sociable and highly entertaining way to work out, and it’s almost impossible to leave the class without a smile on your face.