Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Exercise

What is Hot Power Vinyasa?

Hot Power Vinyasa is a dynamic class, practised in a heated room, where the connection between breath and movement is maintained throughout. Hot YogaVinyasa comes from Sanskrit root words which together mean “to place in a special way”. In Vinyasa styles of yoga, the poses are connected together smoothly, very much like a dance so that you flow from one asana into the next. The breath is what connects the mind and the body through the movement, as every transition is made on an inhalation or an exhalation.

The room is heated using FAR infrared or Radiant panels, which can have significant health benefits. FAR infrared panels operate in the therapeutic range of the sun’s spectrum. The combination of the integrated breath and the heated room mean you will find yourself moving deeply and naturally into postures. The result is a graceful, mindful and flowing hot yoga experience.

Often Hot Power Vinyasa classes will be built up in a sequence so that you move from easier, gentler postures to more advanced ones as the body warms up and opens. In this way, the structure of the class as well as the temperature of the room supports the body. It helps you to avoid injury and prepare safely for more advanced postures later in the class.

In our Hot Power Vinyasa classes, the intensity and pace is kept up with a playful variety of sequences and combinations. No two classes are identical, and there will always be something new to challenge you and hold your attention. The moving nature of the class means everyone is swept along in the hot flow of the class, caught up in the joy of movement.

What are the benefits of Hot Power Vinyasa?

Hot Power Vinyasa classes are perfect if you want to bring more warmth, movement and flow to your day, especially if you spend a long time sitting. The strong, elegant movements will challenge your body, while keeping your mind focused.

The benefits of Power Vinyasa sequences are intensified by the heated room. The heat helps by:

  • Increasing your heart rate, making it a great cardiovascular workout.
  • Helping the body’s natural detoxification process, cleansing the body through working up a sweat.
  • Boosting your circulation.
  • Warming the muscles, allowing them to release more deeply into the pose.

The flowing nature of the postures allows you to dynamically stretch and increase your range of movement, as well as your body awareness. In addition, Hot Power Vinyasa classes will help you to build strength, as you support your own body weight and engage your core.

More than other styles of yoga, Hot Power Vinyasa is great for improving your coordination, which it does in a number of ways:

  • The constant motion means you will develop precision and control in the placement of your limbs.
  • The postures help you to develop better proprioception and body awareness.
  • The combination of controlled movement with the holding of key postures improves your balance.

Finally, Hot Power Vinyasa classes are a great practice for the mind. Any stresses of the day will dissolve away as you come completely to focus on what you are doing, following the teacher’s instructions and being aware of your own body as you move. Many people find the heat helps improve their concentration and body awareness.

The FAR Infrared Heat

The FAR Infrared Heating panels that we use during our hot classes are the most advanced panels used in studios today.

FAR Infrared Heating is the safest and most beneficial way for our bodies to absorb heat as the rays do not cause skin damage and are not to be confused with damaging UV rays. These panels create a consistent temperature throughout the studio, which is both pleasant and soothing. FAR Infrared Heating is a natural type of heat, which is why our hot classes feel like being outside on a sunny day.

The most well-known benefits of FAR Infrared heat include improved joint and muscle flexibility, reduced swelling, enhanced circulation and a reduction of toxins through sweat.