Hot Power Yoga Exercise

 What is Hot Power Yoga?

Hot Power Yoga has all that is great about Power Yoga – dynamic, energetic flows, strengthening postures, and huge health and fitness benefits – with a twist. We heat the room with FAR infrared or Radiant panels, which means your Power Yoga is cranked up to whole other levels of intensity.Hot Power Yoga

FAR infrared heating is proven to be safe for health. In fact being in a FAR infrared room can have significant benefits for the body, as it operates in the therapeutic range of the sun’s spectrum.

Hot Power Yoga is a modern twist on Power Yoga, the Western style of yoga which combines traditional asanas or postures with fitness training. Power Yoga was inspired by the dynamic practice of Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga. It was developed by Western teachers who wanted to create yoga classes that would build internal heat, increase strength and stamina and fire up the body and mind. In Hot Power Yoga, this heat-building potential is enhanced by practising in a heated room.

Athletic and dynamic, Hot Power Yoga includes a creative range of sequences to challenge your mind and body. Hot Power Yoga will accelerate your levels of fitness. Classes include postures that improve balance, strength and endurance as well as flexibility.

In Hot Power Yoga, the instructor will guide you through the postures, encouraging you to stay mindful and present while working your body hard. In this way, the practice can be transformative for your mind and body.

To maintain your focus in the strengthening and energising yoga postures, you breathe deeply and track the sensations that Hot Power Yoga creates. This compelling mindfulness practice will help you to eliminate any negative thinking, and consciously engage with your body.

What are the benefits of Hot Power Yoga?

If you are looking for a real workout with your yoga, then Hot Power Yoga is for you. It is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness, particularly if you wish to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It can also be a fantastic addition to the training schedule of more athletic types. Unlike some slower, gentler forms of yoga, the intensity and pace of Hot Power Yoga make it a great cardiovascular activity. It increases your heart rate, circulation and metabolism.

The heat brings its own benefits. When you practise Power Yoga in a heated room, it:

  • Elevates your heart rate, giving you even more of a workout.
  • Relaxes your muscles allowing you to safely move deeper into the postures.
  • Speeds up the detoxification process by making you sweat more, flushing any toxins out of your system.

It is proven that physical exercises have greater benefit if they are practise mindfully, and Hot Power Yoga is the perfect example of this. Although the class is physically challenging, the level of presence it cultivates mean you will experience greater benefits from the practice, and you are also less likely to injure yourself. Many people find that the heat increases their concentration and focus.

The true power of Hot Power Yoga lies in its potential to increase your confidence and self esteem. It does this on a number of levels:

  • The physical effects of the intense workout will leave you feeling strong, healthy and proud of your body.
  • The pace, dynamism and heat mean it is great for burning off stress and negativity.
  • The teacher’s guidance to help you to consciously engage with the practice helps you to be more present and mindful. Mindfulness is known to help you to feel happy in your own skin.

Hot Power Yoga is the class for you if you love getting to the
end of the class feeling sweaty, energized and proud of your efforts. Prepare to work hard and feel incredible afterwards.

The FAR Infrared Heat

The FAR Infrared Heating panels that we use during our hot classes are the most advanced panels used in studios today.

FAR Infrared Heating is the safest and most beneficial way for our bodies to absorb heat as the rays do not cause skin damage and are not to be confused with damaging UV rays. These panels create a consistent temperature throughout the studio, which is both pleasant and soothing. FAR Infrared Heating is a natural type of heat, which is why our hot classes feel like being outside on a sunny day.

The most well-known benefits of FAR Infrared heat include improved joint and muscle flexibility, reduced swelling, enhanced circulation and a reduction of toxins through sweat.