The Teachers

Our teachers are a handpicked team of professionals, with over 20,000 hours of teaching experience between them.

They live and breathe the principles that they teach and are the pillar of our Yogabox community.

Each class at Yogabox has been designed in a way that it is suitable for all levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Connect with your Yogabox teachers to hone in on what is best for you; they will use their professional experience to help you every step of the way.


Steve Wallace

Steve has been in the industry for over eight years now, and he comes to us as a Power Vinyasa teacher.

Steve’s journey began in 2007 when he began looking for relief from the arthritic pain and joint stiffness that he gained from sports played in his adolescence. Steve went on to train with renowned yoga contemporaries and make yogi connections all around the world. Steve now has a wealth of knowledge that is well complimented by his studies in personal training and human movements.

Steve’s classes are dynamic, spiritually powerful and have a strong focus on synchronising breath with movement. He guides members through challenging and athletic poses with compassion and a light-hearted sense of humour. Steve strives for all of his students to connect to their bodies and come in to a place of no thought as they flow through a series of asana. He hopes his students experience the transformation that he knows is possible through a committed yoga practice.


Miriam Mace

Miriam kicked off her fitness career in 1996 at the age of seventeen, surrendering to her passion or health and fitness.

Miriam has now worked in over 20 gyms across three Australian states, training corporate groups, kids, seniors and hundreds of clients both indoors and out. She has spent many hours motivating others and lives for helping others. To top it all off, Miriam is fluent in a large number of fitness programs and has also completed many nutrition courses including a diploma in nutrition and dietetics.

Weight Loss

Rachel Perry-Gray

As a former gymnast, Rachel came to yoga years after her last competition, when she began to notice stiffness creeping into her muscles and joints. What began as the desire for a good stretch has developed into a whole new way of life and a total love affair with yoga.

Her practise is her sanctuary. Each time Rachel steps onto the mat she sees it as a gift of time and space for mind, body and soul. She is an intense lover of flowing, challenging sequences and the heat of a strong power practise, as well as the deep stretch and inner connection experienced through Yin.  Her excitement grows with the endless learnings that lay ahead and as she shares her passion for the art and practise of yoga with Yogabox.