The Yogabox Benefits


What are the benefits of yoga, pilates and dance?

Yogabox classThere are numerous health benefits for the regular practice of yoga, pilates and dance. Detoxification, increased strength and flexibility, toning and mental clarity only name a few.


Our Hot Yoga Classes stimulate heat through FAR Infrared & Radiant Heating panels, which is the safest and most beneficial form of heat available today. This heat assists the detoxification of your body through sweating.

Sweating opens your pores, smoothes the texture of your skin and makes your skin glow. The heat is absorbed deep into your skin, supercharging your cellular metabolism and activating vital bodily functions.

As you exercise, your digestive, lymph and circulatory systems are stimulated to eliminate waste. To find out more about the benefits of hot yoga, click here.

Strength & Power

You don’t need weights to improve your strength and power. Our movements will use your body weight to improve your strength and unleash your inner power. These movements are designed to help you build lean muscle mass.

The amount of strength training involved in your session will depend on the class you choose. Our Power Yoga Class or Vinyasa Class involve an intense cardio workout and strength building, while our Yin Yang Class mixes strength building and deeper, slower stretches.

PilatesClass of Yogabox yoga students focuses on building core strength, endurance and flexibility. The low impact movements target muscles deep in your core and strengthen your muscles by working with your body weight. Our Barre Attack dance classes use a classical ballet barre for support and balance as you strengthen, sculpt and tone your body. Hip Hop Drop combines a high-intensity workout with strength building.


Flexibility is a natural by-product of practising yoga, pilates and dance. You will enjoy a wider range of motion both physically and mentally when you engage with Yogabox consistently. Our classes will increase your flexibility as you learn to go deeper into stretches and poses. Through an increase in flexibility and range of motion, blood flow can then more readily reach all areas of your body.


Weight loss is also a natural by-product of the regular practice of yoga, pilates and dance. Through your practice you will create long, lean and toned muscles. Participants of hot yoga can also enjoy the added benefit of enhanced metabolism thanks to the FAR Infrared & Radiant Heat panels in the studio.
Yogabox class in Brisbane
The heated room increases your pulse rate and metabolism allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and making your body burn some major calories.

Mental Clarity

By allowing yourself to be present in the studio, you will leave your worries at the door. You can use the time that you have in the studio to unclutter and extend your mind way past old boundaries.

When we engage in meditation, we rewire the neural pathways in our brain. As a result, you will experience clarity and a new way of looking at problems.

Mental detox occurs when we bring awareness away from the chaos of the mind and back to the present moment. Awareness of this type is not often a core component of other fitness programs but is present in our YogaBox Classes.

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