The Yogabox Space


Our space has been specifically designed for an easy unwind. This means leaving your shoes and distractions at the door, and fully immersing yourself in a retreat away from the daily grind.

A Stunning Modern Studio Design

Welcome to our uncluttered space, where you can regather yourself without distraction and drift away to wherever you’d rather be.

Our stunning yoga and pilates studios in Brisbane are modern in design; enhanced with colour shifting ambient lighting for a tranquil and soothing environment, wall to wall backdrops of the most picturesque places on earth and crystal clear acoustics.

Our studios also feature ducted air to replenish the studio with fresh air after each class and FAR Infrared & Radiant Heat Panels for Hot classes.

FAR Infrared Heat Panels (Springwood Studio only)

The FAR Infrared Heating panels that we use during our hot classes are the most advanced panels used in yoga studios today.

FAR Infrared Heating is the safest and most beneficial way for our bodies to absorb heat as the rays do not cause skin damage and are not to be confused with damaging UV rays. These panels create a consistent temperature throughout the studio, which is both pleasant and soothing. FAR Infrared Heating is a natural type of heat, which is why our hot classes feel like being outside on a sunny day.

The most well-known benefits of FAR Infrared heat include improved joint and muscle flexibility, reduced swelling, enhanced circulation and a reduction of toxins through sweat.

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