The Yogabox Benefits

There are numerous health benefits for the regular practice of yoga, pilates and dance. Detoxification, increased strength and flexibility, toning and mental clarity only name a few.


Our hot yoga classes stimulate heat through FAR Infrared & Radiant Heating panels, which is the most safe and beneficial form of heat available today. This heat assists the detoxification of your body through perspiration.

Strength & Power

You don’t need weights to improve your strength and power. Our movements will use your body weight to improve upon your strength and unleash your inner power.


Flexibility is a natural by-product of practicing yoga, pilates and dance. You will enjoy a wider range of motion both physically and mentally when you engage with Yogabox consistently.


Weight loss is also a natural by-product of the regular practice of yoga, pilates and dance. Through your practice you will create long, lean and toned muscles. Participants of hot yoga can also enjoy the added benefit of enhanced metabolism thanks to the FAR Infrared & Radiant Heat panels in the studio.

Mental Clarity

By allowing yourself to be present in the studio, you will leave your worries at the door. You can use the time that you have in the studio to un-clutter and extend your mind way past old boundaries.

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