yogi Danique in a yoga pose outdoors

3 Reasons to Cultivate a Regular Yoga Practice

Written by guest blogger: Danique Hanson
Image credit: Tess Sampson Photography 

The list of benefits from a regular Yoga practice is lengthy – from mental clarity to ridding your system of toxins – but here are my top 3 reasons to bring a regular Yoga practice into your weekly routine.

It can not only enhance your body, but also your life!

Reduce Stress

In this modern day we live high stress lives and when our body is under stress the hormone Cortisol is released. An excess of cortisol in the body can lead to all sorts of health issues including a decline in the strength of your immune systems, ulcers, weight gain, increase in blood pressure and even loss of bone density. Chronic stress has been linked to the 6 leading causes of death in today’s society.

A regular Yoga practice allows you to stretch your muscles to relax and release tension from the physical body, while using breath awareness so that you can also relax your mind. Stress can cause you to breathe at a shallow and rapid pace, but as you move through a Yoga flow or hold a pose, everything begins to slow down as you take your awareness to the breath.

Increase Your Flexibility and Mobility

There are many reasons you can start to lose flexibility and mobility in the body. Most commonly, this is caused by ageing, lack of movement, but this can also happen when you strengthen muscles without stretching them properly or through injury.

Lack of flexibility and mobility decreases athletic performance, inhibits your ability to perform basic tasks, and can greatly increase your chance of injury.

Adding Yoga to your weekly gym regime will increase your range of motion, enhance your ability to activate and strengthen muscles, reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall performance in all other physical activities you undertake.

Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

The awareness of self, and mindfulness we learn through a regular Yoga practice is a great way to learn to banish negative self-talk over body image, and promote more positive thinking patterns. This positivity starts in the mind, and will spread out into all aspects of your life, including our relationship with the physical body.

Yoga encourages a deep connection between mind and body, and with this comes a deep love and respect for your physical form. With this love and respect comes the desire to fuel and nourish our bodies with good, clean foods. Making the decision to fuel your body with whole foods leads to a happier digestive system and an overall healthier body.