Barre Attack Exercise

What is Barre Attack?

Barre Attack is a class which provides a creative fusion of Ballet, Pilates and Fitness training. It brings the significant health benefits of both Pilates and Ballet into a fitness setting, ensuring you get a fun, varied and thorough training session.Barre Attack Exercise Sequence

This total body workout class was created by Renee Scott, a former professional ballerina who danced with the world famous Hamburg Ballet. She went on to train as a master instructor of Pilates in New York. Renee Scott used her advanced understanding of core strength, fitness and dance to design a unique class which is as beneficial as it is enjoyable. Her aim was to ensure people experienced exercise that left them feeling fit, toned and full of “sexy body confidence”.

Barre Attack is a dynamic, choreographed class set to fantastic music. It begins with a warm up to loosen and mobilise the joints and set the mood, getting you ready to dance your way through the class. The rest of the class is divided into clear segments:

  • Barre – You use the classical Ballet barre for support and balance as you strengthen, sculpt and tone your lower body.
  • Elastic – In a break from tradition, this section uses large elastic bands secured around the barre to provide resistance for some challenging strengthening work. The focus shifts from the lower body into the core and arms, while still strengthening the legs. It includes punching, reaching and twisting movements to work the whole body.
  • Cardio – Various intervals of cardiovascular work are interspersed through the class. These keep the pace up and your heart rate high, ensuring you are challenged and the class lives up to its “Barre Attack” name.

The focus is always on good body alignment to ensure you prevent injuries and get the maximum benefit from the exercises. The moves are all choroeographed in time with the music. This gives this dynamic class a rhythm and a flow which helps you to keep focused.

What are the benefits of Barre Attack?

Like both Ballet and Pilates, Barre Attack is fantastic for strengthening and stabilising the core. This is crucial for:

  • Improving your posture for better alignment in training exercises.
  • Maximising your balance and coordination.
  • Helping with injury prevention and recovery.

If you’ve ever admired the long, lean shapely look of dancers’ legs, this is the class for you. The barre work is fantastic for toning and sculpting the legs, thighs and butt. It helps you to feel tight, firm and brimming with body confidence.

Barre Attack class also uses Ballet and Pilates stretching techniques to lengthen tight muscles and boost flexibility and joint mobility. This gives you a better range of motion, leading to more grace and control in all of your movements.

Finally the cardiovascular training sections will challenge your fitness. By stepping up the pace and bringing in more dynamic and aerobic movements, they boost your heart rate. The intervals maximise the calorie burn, and will super-charge your metabolism, even after you leave the class. This helps you to burn fat, trimming your body to show off your newly toned muscles. It also releases lots of lovely endorphins, giving you an amazing post-exercise blissed-out glow.

A Barre Attack class will leave you feeling uplifted, energised and confident.