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6 Reasons To Try Barre Attack Today

Last Updated: 15/11/16


Barre workouts are designed to give you a long, lean dancer-like physique. Participants get addicted to the challenge of the workout and they especially love the results they achieve. Remember, to achieve optimal results a well balanced eating plan is also an integral part of the plan.

Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Bal­let and Fit­ness.  It’s an all body work­out using the clas­sic Bal­let Barre that attacks those dreaded prob­lem areas — legs, butt, thighs and arms.

Renee Scott, the cre­ator of Barre Attack and Mas­ter Trainer says

“Barre Attack is designed to give clients a sexy body con­fi­dence. It helps with pos­ture, flex­i­bil­ity, bal­ance and def­i­nitely helps with over­all fit­ness, stay­ing trim and get­ting toned. Best of all though it’s fun!”



What’s in a Barre Attack class?

  • Music will start pump­ing and the instruc­tor will lead by exam­ple. Just fol­low them and con­cen­trate on your posi­tion and timing.
  • Classes gen­er­ally start with a warm-up to get you in the mood and allow you to loosen up.  Relax, the fun is about to start.
  • The actual struc­ture can vary but you can expect the following:
  • Barre Sec­tions: Think mod­i­fied Bal­let and expect to hear terms like 1st posi­tion, 2nd posi­tion and Plié. In these ses­sions you’ll gen­er­ally have one hand on the barre and be giv­ing your legs and butt a seri­ous workout.
  • Elas­tic Sec­tions: Think large elas­tic bands looped over the Barre that you then use for resis­tance. Fac­ing away from the Barre you might punch out while hold­ing the elas­tic, or hold a lunge while doing an upper body rota­tion. All of this will strengthen your core, arms and legs. It can also be a great way to de-stress.
  • Car­dio Sec­tions: With music flow­ing dif­fer­ent types of car­dio inter­vals are dis­persed through the class. This should really help with your over­all fit­ness, burn­ing calo­ries and will cer­tainly get the blood flowing.

You don’t need to bring any spe­cial equip­ment and don’t need any expe­ri­ence. Many clients sim­ply wear nor­mal gym or work­out attire, bare feet or socks, and bring a towel and water.  Below is an overview of what you might expect from a typ­i­cal class, you’ll love it!

Remem­ber, drink plenty of water, let your instruc­tor know if you’ve got any health issues, and focus on your body posi­tion and tim­ing. Once you’ve attended a few classes some of the moves will become far more nat­ural and that means it’s work­ing, most impor­tantly though have Fun!