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Brisbane’s Biggest Mind Body Timetable With Over 100 Classes to Choose From

Whether you’re a beginner and want something a bit gentle, or super fit and thrive for a challenge – Yogabox offers a wide range of classes designed to suit your fitness levels and goals, including hot power yoga, pilates, vinyasa, stretches, barre and dance. You can be sure you will find variety at these 4 superb locations.*Excludes West End studio

All our programs are affordable, renowned worldwide and include:

  • beginner, intermediate and advanced classes
  • energising, core focused and uplifting fitness training programs
  • exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • dynamic and choreographed classes with fun music
  • a playful variety of sequences and structured combinations
  • intense body workout in heat room using FAR infrared and Radiant heat panels

With a genuine fascination and appreciation of how the body works, our team of professionals have over 20 000+ hours of teaching expertise to assist each individual in achieving a vital and healthy body.

Each class is different and will evoke a sense of exploration and delight to hone in on what is best for you.