Studio Pilates Exercise

What is Studio Pilates?

Studio Pilates is an energising and uplifting fitness program. It utilises the sculpting and strengthening benefits of Pilates, a fitness training system which promotes healthy spinal and pelvic alignment through building flexibility, core strength and endurance. Studio Pilates SequencePilates is about connecting the mind and body to bring about optimal health, functionality and wellness. In Studio Pilates, this is combined with fantastic music and dynamic routines to provide an intense whole body workout.

The instructor will guide you through the carefully choreographed sequences of our internationally renowned program. The clear instructions will allow you to maintain good form, ensuring you get maximum benefits from your workout and keep yourself safe from injury. There is a clear emphasis on developing better whole body awareness. The instructor’s energy and enthusiasm will also keep you motivated, inspiring you to be stronger and more focused than you thought possible.

As in any Pilates class, you can expect to find:

  • Low impact movements which are often subtle but challenging, targeting muscles deep in your core.
  • Exercises to increase your range of motion, while strengthening your muscles, usually working with your own body weight.
  • A combination of mat-based work with some props used to help you perform certain exercises.

In Studio Pilates, the addition of a fantastic soundtrack and a faster pace makes for a Pilates workout which is both high energy and fun.

What are the benefits of Studio Pilates?

If you long for an athletic, strong and sculpted body, then Studio Pilates is the class for you. Here’s why:

  • The improved muscular strength and conditioning of Studio Pilates is fantastic on a functional level.
  • The exercises will sculpt muscles all over your body, giving you a stronger and more athletic physique.
  • The program is especially designed to target key areas such as the abdominal muscles, in order to strengthen, flatten and tone them.

All of these mean that the Studio Pilates program is a great way to boost your body confidence, as you build the body of your dreams.

Appreciated by dancers for its focus on strong, graceful movements, Studio Pilates helps to strengthen the muscles which support excellent posture, and bring your body into healthy alignment. It gives you better control of the movement of your body and limbs, which will help not just in class, but in life generally. This can be particularly effective for preventing and even healing lower back pain.

The mindful movement approach of Studio Pilates is fantastic for improving your self awareness and proprioception. In addition the music and routines will help you to remain focused and motivated throughout, doing more than you thought possible. The focus and intensity brings you fully into your body and the present moment.

Expect to leave a Studio Pilates class feeling like you have had a whole body strengthening and training experience – you will probably feel it the next day! Regular Studio Pilates classes can transform your whole body. They will boost your fitness levels while you strengthen, tone and sculpt your muscles.